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If you were referred by Our Pal’s Place and complete a transaction with us, we will donate 20% of our commission to them on your behalf!

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Our Pal’s Place: Championing Kindness and Solutions for Animals

Our Pal’s Place is an animal advocate organization working on behalf of all animals to implement solutions to the problems that they face. Their mission is to bring about a time when all animals are treated with kindness and compassion. They achieve this by implementing solutions to end the problems that animals currently face.

Did you know that adopting a dog or cat saves multiple lives? By adopting, you are giving an orphan pet a home AND opening space in their Pet Adoption Facility. This allows them to return to the county shelter and rescue more orphan pets. And, by opening up space in the county shelter, they don’t have to euthanize for space. By adopting a pet companion, you are touching many lives!

Our Services Include:

  • Pet Adoption Facility to provide safe housing for animals rescued from “death row” in county shelters.
  • Learning Center that offers fun, innovative programs for youth and adults to teach solutions to end current animal welfare problems.
  • Training Services promote learning how to understand our pet companions and communicate in a language that they understand.
  • Partnerships with other like-minded animal protection and rescue organizations to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals.
4508 Canton Road, Marietta, GA, USA