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Our Easy to Exit Cancellation Guarantee


The exclusive client protection guarantee

We guarantee you the right to opt-out for any reason

Many agents lock you into long-term contracts, but we are so confident our real estate system will work for you—we don’t.

FOR BUYERS: This means you have the right to cancel your buyer’s agreement at any point prior to making an offer on your new home.
FOR SELLERS: This means you have the right to cancel your listing agreement at any time prior to receiving an offer on your home.

FACT: Written agreements with real estate agents can be risky

Most agent agreements lock you in to lengthy “Broker Protection Periods.” The agent can exit the agreement, but you can’t!

But that’s not how we do business.

We believe your agreement should have performance guarantees and be risk-free

We believe a successful transaction for our clients should involve:

  • Buying or selling for the best possible price
  • Assuming the least amount of hassle
  • Being as stress-free as possible

We put all of our guarantees in writing

There are no tricks, no gimmicks—we do exactly what we say we’ll do, and we put it in writing so you can hold us to our word. Including your ability to opt-out!

We’re able to offer this to you because we have a proven track record of selling homes and are confident in both our ability to accurately assess the value of your home and extensively market it in ways that help it sell faster, and for more money, than the average agent.

Stephanie and Ira Miskin
Stephanie and Ira Miskin
Award-Winning & Top Performing Metro Atlanta Team Leaders

About The Miskin Team

The Miskin Team has helped thousands of people in metro Atlanta over the past two decades sell and purchase homes. We’ve won awards for providing our clients with our excellent Five Star service, including our exclusive performance and satisfaction guarantees.

We’re committed to supporting our community and we donate a portion of each commission to MUST Ministries and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

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