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History of Smyrna, GA

Smyrna, located in Cobb County, Georgia, traces its origins to 1832. Initially called ‘Varner’s Station’, it adopted the name ‘Smyrna’ in 1872. The advent of the railroad spurred its transformation into a dynamic hub. Presently, Smyrna stands as a beacon in the real estate landscape, with its captivating neighborhoods and top-tier amenities. This fusion of historical allure and contemporary comforts positions Smyrna as a prime choice for prospective homebuyers.

What Makes Living In Smyrna Unique?

Smyrna, often referred to as the “Jonquil City” due to its abundance of jonquil flowers blooming each spring, offers a unique blend of suburban tranquility and urban vibrancy. Its proximity to Atlanta provides residents with easy access to the city’s job market and cultural attractions, while maintaining a quieter, community-focused lifestyle. The city’s centerpiece, the Village Green, is a hub of civic activity, hosting a variety of community events and housing the city’s library and community center. Smyrna’s commitment to healthy living is evident in its extensive trail system, including the renowned Silver Comet Trail. This combination of accessibility, community engagement, and outdoor amenities sets Smyrna apart as a unique and desirable place to live.

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Smyrna, GA
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