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From Buying a Dream Home to Fighting a Fire Hours Later—Our Heroes Never Quit



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Our Heroes Program is a way of giving to those that help and support so many—firefighters, police officers, teachers, and active and former military members. And although these careers run the gamut in how they help their communities, I feel they all have the same burden: they run in while others are running out!

And for that, we created the Heroes Program to give 10% of our commission back to those that serve.

James Laudermilk, veteran fire fighter and all around good guy, is just one of those people and I’m sure his wife Stacie is the reason why. James secured his forever home for his family during the day and joined his fire crew to catch people as they hurdling from their burning homes at night.

James and Stacie were looking for their new home and had spent a large amount of time trying to figure out how to make it all happen. Initial plans were to purchase a smaller home while saving and working to line up the perfect time to find their dream home. After connecting through the Sandy Springs Fire Department and within a few conversations, we were able to match him up with our mortgage broker Andrew Channell, line him up with the lowest interest rate loan possible, and get him preapproved followed directly by connecting him with our Home Hunter System searching for homes all across North Georgia.

After going out just two times, we found more than just the smaller home they thought they wanted, we found their dream home all overlooking a beautifully kept mountain lake and stream.

We went under contract at a great price and even managed to negotiate for the seller to include all furniture, televisions, appliances and even two all-star Lazy Boys at no additional costs and the home closed soon after with beautiful results.

Just hours later, James was back with his team fighting to catch people jumping as they escape a massive fire engulfing their homes.

WSB-TV news report featuring James Laudermilk
WSB-TV news report featuring The Miskin Team client James Laudermilk

As a group, we have decided that for people like James, we will always support those that run in to help while other are running out.

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